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Ephracis 10-11-2004 05:25 PM

Create my own configure and Makefile
I understand the basics that the configure-shell-script does and what the Makefile contains. But I need to know more. I want to take my C++-programs further and let them be installed by this steps (configure, make, make install) but just keep it simple for now on.

Can even a one-file-program, using one executable file, compiled of just one file of source code, use configure and make? (Even if it's unneccesary I want to try it).

I would like to start with a one-file or maby a few files.

And also, I don't like tools and stuff like that, I like to do it the way so I can understand what's done. So a program where you just types "xxx dir-to-source" and then got yourself some strange files I can't understand is not an option. Although, I know about autoconf and that it's used to create configure, but I don't understand how to use autoconf or what it accually does.

GravityFX 10-11-2004 08:00 PM

Hi MezzyMeat, I'm new to linux but I'm good with finding stuff! Here try this, GNU autoconf Mini-HOWTO - Making your code portable with GNU autoconf.

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