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srasiroslayer 12-06-2004 08:52 AM

crc error system halted
hello everyone
i would like to ask those of you who are a bit experimented in linux
i know this question has been already asked (crc error)
but i have tried every possible solution provided with no result
so i prefer explaining how i am getting this error

i have installed linux smoothwall express 2.0 on a pentium 1 to create a home connection sharing with wireless
since the pentium 1 does not boot from cd and the floppy was damaged,
i was able to install smoothwall on my 2 gig quantum harddrive from a pentium 4
then configuring the server on my pentium 1 by moving the harddrive to it
everything worked so far, i was able to use my server machine for almost 2 weeks.

then this harddrive died (god knows how), and since i had a spare...... i decided to use that spare one
i did the steps again and was able to boot from pentium 4 with no problems
but when i insert the drive to the pentium 1
i get this error
uncompressing linux.........
crc error
-- system halted

every time i boot the pentium 1
if i move that same disk to the pentium 4
i get no problems what so ever

any ideas???

ShadowMetis 12-06-2004 09:51 AM

Did you try reformatting the Hard Drive and starting over? If it worked fine on the other one, it's probably something to do with your hard drive. Do you have any other hard drives you can try?

srasiroslayer 12-06-2004 10:06 AM

yes i have tried on 2 other drives and still have the same problem
like i said before
when i connect the drive to the pentium 4 i encountered no problems
only when i connect it to the pentium 1
i am suspecting a hardware problem: RAM
but since it worked before i really don't know the connection
pentium 4 has 256 ram
pentium 1 has 64 megs of ram

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