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bram2000 02-09-2006 01:58 AM

Crazy scrolling when tailing remote file over ssh
Hi there,

I have been using Ubuntu Dapper for a while and am very pleased with it overall however I have a strange problem that I can't find any description of on this site or others.

I often log on to remote machines using ssh and tail log files (using aterm usually). However recently some terminals are becoming "locked" into a constant crazy scroll, seemingly when too many lines come out of tail in quick succession. so basically, it will be happily tailing away, then suddenly the text will move very quickly, then it won't stop (it just repeats lines of the tail very very quickly). The only way I can get out of this is to terminate my ssh session (using ~.).

I first thought this was a problem with aterm but I have just tried xterm and the same thing occured.

Anyone got any ideas?



bram2000 02-10-2006 09:06 AM


Anything??? Does anyone at least have an idea what may be causing this??? I thought it could be ssh but I doubt that since it is such a mature piece of software and is used all over the place. Can't be aterm as it also occurs in xterm.


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