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bowker 03-14-2004 05:57 PM

Courier > Procmail > Courier problem
I have RH 9 running Apache, PHP and MySQL, hosting several small sites. Courier works fine - e-mail to all sites is delivered to the proper box, and picked up by (or delivered to) the user with no problem.

Procmail recipes also work fine - copies, deletions, autoresponses, logging, the whole thing - but at the end of the recipes, all messages are dumped into the defaut mailbox for the account, they're not delivered to individual user mailboxes.

I have the same recipes working on other servers (not RH 9) - so I'm confused by this behaviour ... do I need to add something at the end of the recipes to get the messages that fall through into their proper mailboxes? Somehow, I feel like I'm missing something real basic here ...

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