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darkleaf 07-20-2004 06:49 AM

couple of qs, gnome ftp, removing kde or improving speed of kde, startup modprobe
If I use nautilus and do connect to server something goes wrong. The address should be (according to lycos) so I enter it as url, which doesn't work. It doesn't work with ftp:// in front of it. I think it's because the site wants my login info. How do I add this cause no screen comes up for asking and I can't add it in the connect to server. (I can't get in via firefox either)

KDE feels very slow and in comparison to gnome it is really slow. Is it possible to get kde faster (nearly everything was minimum already, only had background) which file do I need to edit to change the programs starting when kde starts?

What do I need to do to modprobe ndiswrapper (I'm aware of ndiswrapper -m but it won't save, I need to modprobe every time after reboot) and nvidia and configure my internet settings on startup is that shellscripting? What's a good site to learn it from.
I need the following:


modprobe nvidia
modprobe ndiswrapper
iwconfig wlan0 essid ....
ifconfig wlan0 .....
route add default gw .....

I just came past a post which was about having different window managers running in tty(nr) and switching between those. Switching isn't possible when you're inside a window manager isn't it? Is there a site which has reviews on all (or a lot) of window managers?

How do I remove for example kde completely. I used apt-get remove kde and some other packages of it but it turned out that afterwards I could still use KDE. I also removerd all kde folders and I could still use it :scratch: I installed via apt packages

Thanks for the help!

edit: kernel 2.6.7 unstable kde and gnome

oot 07-20-2004 09:22 AM

On the ftp thing, try using an ftp program instead of a browser to access it. Just about every distro comes with a command line program called "ftp", and many come with other options like gftp and ncftp.

If you're new to command line ftp, here's a quick reference to get you through the basics of what you'll probably need to do:
to start: ftp <place you're trying to ftp to>
<enter username and password when prompted>
to see files in a directory, use "ls" or "dir"
to download a file, use "get <file>"
to upload a file, use "send <file>"
to change directories, use "cd <directory>"
to make a new directory, use "mkdir <directory>"
to delete a file, use "dele <file>"
to log off, use "bye"

As for your other questions, I suggest breaking your post into seperate posts with relevent titles, so more people will be likely to look at them (some of people will look based on the title and on the number of replies you have... so if they see a post with a lot of replies, they might skip it even though you still have some unanswered questions).

darkleaf 07-20-2004 09:54 AM

Thanks for the command line ftp help :) I'm not sure why but I like the command line approach more most of the time.

I'll wait a bit with the other questions, it's why I made the long title.

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