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kevinbenko 02-21-2014 08:55 AM

could not uninstall Nvidia driver cleanly
If it matters, this computer is running under Debian testing/unstable, I have a GeForce 650 Nvidia card, and my current driver is

I have been having a problem with the proprietary NVIDIA driver for a few days, and I need some help.

I have used duckduckgo and I do not see anything that is even remotely helpful. I have placed a request from Nvidia and I am awaiting for a response.

This is a result from xserver-xorg having a higher version than the current nvidia driver can deal with, thus requiring me to get the most recent nvidia driver.

When uninstalling my old nvidia driver, it threw an error that it was looking for
and that the file was not present.

However, that was the version that was in my old nvidia driver, so, it seems to me, there are some links to some library that are longer there. I cannot get a desktop because this file is no longer there, I cannot run Emacs, so I installed the old nvidia driver again and I have removed references to nvidia from /etc/X11/xorg.conf and I am running under nouveau until I can resolve this issue and install the new nvidia driver.

NOTE that I cannot even install the new nvidia driver until I can successfully uninstall the old nvidia driver.

So: what other functionality is looking for that <file> and how do I get rid of it?

Thank you your time and consideration in this issue.

John VV 02-21-2014 03:05 PM

for a .run

su -
sh ./ --uninstall

see the "help" menu

su -
sh ./ --help

you DO need to uninstall it while in "int3"
with x11 not running

kevinbenko 02-24-2014 10:56 AM

[SOLVED] [sort of] could not uninstall Nvidia driver cleanly
After having struggled with for several days, I decided to backup my /home directory and reinstall Linux (debian testing/unstable mix) Since I have, currently, 5TB of hard drive space, this wasn't very difficult. I had my system up and running in approximately 4 hours, and everything is now working.
I have gotten impatience since my stroke, but I think that I had some conflicting packages that contributed towards my woes.
Well, I will to be more careful when installing system-related packages.

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