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kermitthefrog91 08-14-2005 11:49 AM

corrupt NTFS partition
I have an NTFS partition on a laptop that recently went corrupt. When i run chkdsk from the windows recovery console it get to 75% and then states that there is an unrecoverable error. booting it up under knoppix i can view the drive, and most files are still on there. I copied these onto my desktop, hoping to save her documents, pictures, family records, etc... but while browsing it seems that My Documents has disappeared along with the /windows/system32 directory. Is there any way to recover these files?????
thanks for the help

Half_Elf 08-14-2005 11:59 AM

It depends what caused the corruption I suppose... there is some nice tools to recover from corrupt NTFS partition, but it will be somehow harder from a linux system, most of them are made for windoze (NTFS support in linux is minimal anyways...).

In any ways, make sure it haven't been corrupted due to some physical problems (bad sectors, etc...) of the drive, or it will not get you any good to recover.

kermitthefrog91 08-14-2005 02:30 PM

i know that it woudl be ideal to work under windows... and if it was a desktop i would jsut shove the drive into another desktop running windows, but its a laptop and so the only OS i can boot into (aside from windows recovery CD) is knoppix.... any liveCD programs (freeware) that can diagnose and fix ntfs partitions?

Half_Elf 08-14-2005 09:59 PM

The only tool I know is "testdisk" but I really don't know what it worth to recover NTFS.

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