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mooreted 11-28-2003 10:01 PM

Console mode--How to return to KDE
I am running Mandrake 9.2 and just found out that hitting CTRL+ALT+F2 will take me into console mode. That's nice but how do I get back to my desktop?

I tried "init 5" but I was already at runlevel 5. I tried running KDE but KDE was already running. I tried CTRL+D and "exit" but that just took me back to the "login:" prompt. I noticed that I was actually at a bash$ prompt.


itsjustme 11-28-2003 10:02 PM


mooreted 11-28-2003 10:30 PM

Huh, wouldn't have thought of that!

Thanks for the help.


itsjustme 11-28-2003 10:39 PM


2.7 Console Keys

There are several special keys interpreted directly by the LINUX console or text mode interface. The Ctrl-Alt-Del combination initiates a complete shutdown and hardware reboot, which is the preferred method of restarting LINUX.

The Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn keys scroll the console, which is very useful for seeing text that has disappeared off the top of the terminal.

You can use Alt-F2 to switch to a new, independent login session. Here you can log in again and run a separate session. There are six of these virtual consoles--Alt-F1 through Alt-F6--to choose from; they are also called virtual terminals. If you are in graphical mode, you will have to instead press Ctrl-Alt-F? because the Alt-F? keys are often used by applications. The convention is that the seventh virtual console is graphical, so Alt-F7 will always take you back to graphical mode.
So, actually, just ALT-F7 should do it.

From the rute book.

Have fun...

mooreted 11-28-2003 11:53 PM

Cool! Thanks! I always like learning something new about Linux.

Have a great day,

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