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mjenkins 01-16-2004 02:36 PM

connecting to ils servers with gnomemeeting
does anyone know how to connect to ils servers using gnomemeeting? i used to be able to do this all the time in RH 7.3, 8.0 and 9.0 before i installed fedora and started using the version of gnomemeeting that came with it.

now i can connect to seconix and call and recieve calls from people. i can type in the name of ils servers and retrieve all the users. but i cannot call or recieve any calls...

does this have anything to do with microsoft ending support for netmeeting or is this a change implemented by gnomemeeting to discourage connecting to adult servers?

mjenkins 04-09-2004 08:05 PM

ok, this works great in gnomemeeting 1.00
but i found you have to go up to 2.6 kernel for proper operation

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