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cucolin@ 11-14-2006 04:18 PM

configuring/using synergy
I sitting at a desk here at work with 2 Machines: WinXp and Xubuntu Linux. I want to share the keyboard and mouse of the WinXP machine. This is what I get when I run the test:

INFO: Synergy server 1.3.1 on Microsoft Windows Server XP
NOTE: started server
INFO: screen "" shape changed
NOTE: accepted client connection
NOTE: client "XubuntuLab" has connected
INFO: screen "" grabbed clipboard 0 from ""
INFO: screen "" grabbed clipboard 1 from ""

On the Xubuntu box I get:
NOTE: synergyc.cpp, 330: started client

Everything seems to be OK, but I cannot share the mouse or keyboard. The mouse pointer is supposed to move over the Xubuntu screen. Is anybody familiar with this??


cucolin@ 11-14-2006 04:53 PM

People I was able to solve this problem, but had to make the linux box the server and the WinXP box the client. If somebody has done the opposite let me know please. This thing is great!!

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