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chriswright128 08-31-2007 09:26 AM

Configuring Citrix ICA client on Suse
Hi guys,

First off - I am very new to Linux and have been somewhat thrown in at the deep end so sorry if I use the wrong terminoligy. I am a windows server & network administrator (please dont be childish and hate me for using windows) and one of our clients sites uses Linux still, where as the rest of their network is windows. The Linux machines use Citrix ICA client to access many of the programs that they need, recently though they had to turn their Linux server and workstations off for some electrical testing and then when they turned them all back on no one could log in. They all got a message saying something like "Unable to start KStartupConfig, Check your installation".

Now please bear in mind that we only have command line access (using a program called Putty) to the server and workstations as the site is in London and...well, I am not.

So after fannying around trying to fix that error for some time I decided to try and just create them new user accounts on the server and then copy all of their documents and Desktop files etc into their new Home directory. This all went fine (after a lot of experimenting with the command line stuff) and after using chown to give them access to their old files they were all happy....until they tried to use Citrix.
Again, please remember that I cannot see their screens, just the command line. They said that when they ran Citrix it just came up asking them to accept the license agreement, which they did (after a bit of fannying around trying to figure out how to scroll down) but then when the normal Citrix ICA Client box came up ,all of the buttons except one were greyed out. They said they normally just click a Lightning Bolt symbol and this then asks them which connection they want, but this is now greyed out and the only button they can press brings up another dialog box that has absolutely everything greyed out.

Any ideas?? This is stopping their whole business from running properly and I have completely run out of things to try as I know so little about Linux.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated

chriswright128 08-31-2007 11:15 AM turned out that when the users said "everything is greyed out" what they actually meant was everything except a box asking for the server I remember why I never rely on users information! I found a screenshot of the citrix connection setup thing and was able to talk them through it in about 30 seconds. Shame this was after about 2 days of trying to figure out why everything would be greyed out for them!
Thanks anyway

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