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juanb 01-07-2004 08:08 AM

configure SENDMAIL with webmin
Hi !

I am trying to configure linux RH 8 as mail relay within webmin .

I read

I didnt find the option where to configure that all incoming mail will be forwared to my intermal mail server ( exchange 5.5) ?
also to prevent relaying I want that the mail relay will except mails only for my internal users...I think I marked that option but now whan I telnet to the localhost on port 25 he recives all kinds of domains to send tham mail to, and not only my domain.what I did wrong !!!

another strange thing :

whan I telnet localhost on port 25 sendmail replayes but from the internet whan I telnet to the mail relay ip addresson port 25 it doesnt answer ( there isnt any problem with the fire wall because whan I conect the old mail relay ( windows 2000 'I only switch the cables ) there isnt any problem'
of corse I dont change anything on the firewall.

please please help !!


jicklee 09-10-2009 01:50 AM

Can I use the Linux Sendmail without MX record in DNS
Dear Sir,

I would like to ask some questions about the Linux sendmail server.

1. The sendmail server just only for email sending
2. The DNS only has the A record without MX record
3. The sendmail server is in the DMZ
4. Can I send the email though the DNS server (Not pass to other SMTP server.

Please help! thank you.

Jickhary Lee

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