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salparadise 10-23-2003 02:53 PM

./configure and gl.h problems

i'm trying to compile a game (xracer) and it keeps stopping
with the message
checking for glNewList in -lGL... no
checking for glNewList in -lMesaGL... no
configure: error: GL library was not found

so i did ./configure --help
and it said that i needed to add
so i did locate gl.h and locate GL
and it came back with
so i added this to the =DIR

same error message
i played around a little with different paths, to all the different locations returned by locate
all the same

can anyone tell me..

a) can i pass 2 locations to configure eg: --with-gl-libs=/blah/GL /blah/libgl

b) is this a version mismatch ?

c) what am i doing wrong?

to give you some perspective
this is the first time i've had to pass options to configure
i do not know programming or whatever
my previous method has been "if it doesn't configure without options? leave it alone"
but enough running away

salparadise 10-24-2003 08:45 AM

scrap that

i've just got the mdk 9.2 download edition
so have a whole new set of things to srt out
before i start adding "obscure" games


no kernel-source on the disks I have just bought

leaves me with a wapping 40MB download (56k modem)

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