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rajazeeshan 02-05-2005 04:16 AM

Conexant HCF Modem on Fedora Core 3 require an old driver plz
Hi Everybody,
I have installed core three on my box but problem is again with modem you know it coz driver 4rom linuxant have limited speed of 14kpbs.In core 2 we had found solution on wiki page that we can crack it with key generator. Unfortunately Linuxant have found that key generation thing too so they have changed driver and now it is not cracked by the same key generator.Forunately it can still be cracked if we have source package of the driver which we installed b4 on kernel 2.6.5 and Core3 has kernel 2.6.9 but ihave RPM package dat was specificaly compiled on lkernel 2.6.5. I need source package of driver dat can be compiled on kernel 2.6.9 means i require hcfpcimodem-1.01lnxt04082400full.tar.gz but Linuxant have removed it from there site and placed 1.03 version dat cannot be cracked. I sended ya this coz i need dat driver and fotunately if u have downloaded at dat time than mail me as soon s possible. Reply me soon
mail me this driver if anybody have
Zeeshan Raja

mcleodnine 02-05-2005 04:34 PM


I passed on your email contact info to the good folks at linuxant - with any luck they might be able to send you the driver you need so that you can crack it.</sarcasm.>

Perhaps you should have another look at the forum rules and familiarize yourself with our policies. In your case, please refer to the section on warez/cracking.

Kindest regards and welcome to LinuxQuestions.

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