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merlin 03-25-2002 12:55 AM

complet linux NewBie(problems with the downloaded copy of linux)
I decided to try Linux after all the good things I read about it.I downloaded many iso images of various linux distributions using my cuteftp pro2.0 like red hat 7.2 mandrake8.x caldera and freeBSD.Using my easy Cd creator, I created a bootable CD from the images i downloaded and everything seemed alright.The problem i encountered was that i couldn't boot from the CD.i checked the boot set up to make sure that the option of booting from CD was checked and even changed the boot sequence putting the CD first.All i get is a black screen for 5sec and then my windows XP boots.
I think that i'm doing something wrong while making the bootable CD.
Thanks for your help in advance:)

Thymox 03-25-2002 06:49 AM

I see this is your first post. Welcome to LQ.

What can you see when you put the CD in under Windows? One of the most common problems encountered is that people burn the ISO image to the CD, so when they access it all they can see is one file - the ISO image.

Since you're running EasyCD, it's a piece of...cake. Go to the directory you saved the ISO images to and simply double click them. EasyCD should open and automagically have the correct settings for burning the images.

If, however, the CDs have been burned properly and the problem persists, then you should check your BIOS to see if you have enabled booting from CD. Most computers that come 'from the shop' have this disabled. It's quite easy to change. Go into the BIOS and under the 'advanced' section, change the boot order to floppy>CD>harddisk.

abbey_lincoln 03-25-2002 07:44 AM


I had the same problem about two weeks and i discovered that the problem was the software for burning the CD , i was using NTiCD.

Try using HP RecordNOw. I bet your problem will solved right away.


jetblackz 03-25-2002 01:38 PM

In Nero, it takes 5 clicks to always successfully burn a bootable CD.

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