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gazza 07-07-2004 07:37 PM

compile kernel help for newbie
I am downloading suse 9.1 which i plan to install soon but i have a problem in that i use a bt voyager usb adsl modem, which all works fine since i got the driver from flashtux approx' 9 months ago.

But i have been to the flashtux site to check for, and download an upgrade, which i have got, but there is a patch for the 2.6 kernel (which is what suse 9.1 uses) and flashtux say that it needs to be installed then the kernel needs to be re-compiled and re-installed !!!

Which scares the shit out of me i have **no idea** how to do any of this :(

Has anyone got the latest flashtux driver to work with suse 9.1 **without** the patch ?

or can someone point me to a *very* newbie easy to follow **step by step guide** on how to re-install and re-compile the kernel ?

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