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pazvant 10-24-2003 04:59 AM

Command output conrolling in bash
In my script i want to control command output with if loop in case loop..Bu ti did not manage
to control İf loop gives error.Can any one help me for command output control thankss...

PS3="Welcome connection"
select choice in network firewall
case $choice in
network) echo "eth0 is starting ...."
"ifconfig eth0 netmask &&
route add default gw" $a;;
if [ $a=0 ]
firewall) echo " Firewall is starting..."
/home/jazzy/afire start ;;
else exit1;


guygriffiths 10-24-2003 08:01 AM

I don't know much about bash scripting, but don't you need a "fi" to end your if?

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