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bjrn64 05-04-2010 11:00 AM

command line cd command not working right
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hi using netbook asus 1005ha with lucid beta 1 with most of updates on
learning to use the CLI and headaches cd command does not seem to reconise directories here is a sample

mr-smith@mr-smith-laptop:~$ pwd
mr-smith@mr-smith-laptop:~$ cd/home/mr-smith/downloads
bash: cd/home/mr-smith/downloads: No such file or directory
mr-smith@mr-smith-laptop:~$ pwd
mr-smith@mr-smith-laptop:~$ cd/home/mr-smith/desktop
bash: cd/home/mr-smith/desktop: No such file or directory
mr-smith@mr-smith-laptop:~$ cd /home
mr-smith@mr-smith-laptop:/home$ ls
mr-smith@mr-smith-laptop:/home$ cd/home/mr-smith
bash: cd/home/mr-smith: No such file or directory

yeh i know read the f#####g manual i am but any help would be greatly accepted tried sudo with same commands same problem did have a problem on my debian system that was to do with paths this is not the same
on a different footnote anyone thinking of upgrading to lucid sit tight on 9.10 there are still to many issues that need ironing out for a system that is your main system

pixellany 05-04-2010 11:06 AM

OK--I won't tell you to RTFM, but the FM is where you will find this:

You have to have a space after the "cd". This is true of all commands.

And this is what you did here:

mr-smith@mr-smith-laptop:~$ cd /home
mr-smith@mr-smith-laptop:/home$ ls

PS--Please use code tags to preserve formatting.

druuna 05-04-2010 11:07 AM


It's cd /home/mr-smith/downloads, not cd/home/mr-smith/downloads.

Shadow_7 05-05-2010 12:10 AM

You need some white space between the command and the parameters to the command.

$ cd [SPACE] /path/to/stuff

If there's some fancy alias messing with you, you can opt out of aliasing with a \ prefix.
$ \cd /path/to/stuff

satyahari 05-05-2010 12:22 AM


Whenever u try to enter the commands from command line,there should be atleast one white space between command and arguments to command.

Eg:For long listing of files
ls -l not ls-l

cd /home/mr-smith/desktop is correct way of entering the command.Not


bjrn64 05-10-2010 04:28 AM

thankyou to all really feel stupid for not spotting it
have used the thumb on all of your helpful posts

im only just learning the CLI it is fun and im enjoying it and for me
thats important thanks again to all

jschiwal 05-10-2010 05:46 AM

The directory names are case sensitive. Are you certain that you don't have a ~/Downloads or ~/Download directory instead? ~/Desktop is standard.

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