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DaCypher 06-15-2003 08:55 AM

Closing/reopening my laptop (Mandrake 9.1)
I have Mandrake 9.1 installed on my Dell Inspiron 7500. Pretty much everything works fine. However, when I close my laptop (or manually press the little switch that gets depressed when the lid is closed) my laptop appears to go into suspend mode. At first this caused me to have to do a hard reboot since I couldn't get out of suspend. However, after searching around a bit on these forums I learned how to enable control of the KDE Control Center -> PowerControl -> Laptop Battery -> Power Control section. Now that this is enabled, when I come back from suspend I just press my power button and a few sections later I am returned to my KDE desktop with all my applications running.

Now, what I would like to do is to configure how the close lid behavior works. In windows I was able to make it so that when my laptop was plugged in, closing the lid would simply turn off the LCD (I forget what happens when I close the lid when unplugged). Does anyone know how to configure this behavior? I have tried turning both the Not Powered and Powered sections of the Power Control window to off, but this only seems to effect the idle low power behavior. TIA...

DaCypher 06-15-2003 07:41 PM

Bumb... Is this even possible?

quicktel 11-02-2003 12:19 PM

Same thing happends to my 7500

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