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rls 08-23-2003 10:11 AM

Cloning Hard Drive
The original 20 GB hard drive on my laptop is running out of space. I want to upgrade to an 80GB hard drive, but, of course, want to transfer all of the data on my 20GB drive. Is there Linux software functionally equivalent to PowerQwest's Drive Copy? Partimage doesn't seem to be the right tool.

Many thanks for any intel.

Regards, Rick

kev82 08-23-2003 10:40 AM

if you can get both disks in the same machine at once then i would probably do something like tar cv /mnt/olddisk/* | tar xvC /mnt/newdisk, if the disks are partitioned then you have to do this for each partition.

DrOzz 08-23-2003 11:35 AM

or even ghost it...

rls 08-23-2003 02:32 PM

Many thanks for the info.

To transfer the information, the new disk will be connected to the computer through a PCMCIA card and an external hard disk adapter. Hopefully Linux will see it as a second IDE drive. Then I can try your suggestions. After the transfer I will install the new hard drive in my computer.

Regards, Rick

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