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sdem 02-16-2006 01:57 AM

Clone IDE disk to SATA disk
Dear all,

I created master system the way I want on ATA disk machine.
I used pcopy to clone the disks to ATA and SATA PCs.

Now the ATA work perfectly.
The SATA can not boot complaning that they can not even find /boot (grub
initiates the proper boot up sequence but the boot process dies)???

Any ideas?

Thank you all

aus9 02-16-2006 05:51 AM

some quick and dirty answers......grab a live cd such as kanotix and boot....disconnect the ide drive and that way you know you have the sata drive.....change the boot order to sata first you may also need to enable raid in your bios....I do with my gigabyte....then run the commands
root (hd0,X) as per my tut for where /boot is
setup (hd0)

and reboot

2) however your kernel needs the modules for your sata in the initrd or compiled in the kernel since you have a ide bootable you can check your /boot/config and see if sata/scsi and raid stuff is moduled or not....bad news if they are set to NO cos then even if grub starts the kernel won´t

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