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dibblethewrecke 12-04-2004 12:05 AM

clean up and convert wav 2 mp3 with sox
Hey all,

I'm currently in the Philippines doing some research and I am using an MP3 player to record my interviews. It stores them in ADPCM wav (i think). I want to convert them to mp3 files to reduce storage space. I discovered sox, which i have used to convert them to mp3 and increase the volume 150% and this is a good start but i would like to "clean them up" (like they do in teh movies) - however, i don't really have any idea of what this might require.

The majority of the recordings is just speech so i figured some of the passes might help?

Suggestions for a quick and easy combination of filters would be much appreciated - my Masters is in Disaster Management, no in sound engineering, so would prefer to avoid too much reading!

ilikejam 12-04-2004 08:52 AM


You'd probably get the most benefit from normalising your audio files (making the loudest part of the file 0dB).

You can get a normaliser here:

This page also has some useful utilities:


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