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ramdak5000 02-18-2005 02:05 AM

clarification about defragmenting
We run an LTSP setup for our non-profit.

Our service provider says there is no need to defragment the hard disk on the server since there is no fragmentation of file system in Linux. Is this correct?

I am unsure because after unclean servers shutdowns due to power outages, I have seen messages saying ...% of files are uncontiguous etc., when I choose to run a file system integrity check on startup. Doesn't uncontiguous mean fragmented?

If my service provider is wrong, I would appreciate references to good software for defragmenting.


amosf 02-18-2005 02:53 AM

What fiilesystem? Generally the linux filesystems do not suffer greatly from fragmentation and do not need defragging, no. I have never defragged a native linux filesystme in the last 10 years coninuous use. I believe there may be such a tool, but I've never had it on my system.

I guess to be clearer, the filesystem defrags as it works, so doesn't need a defrag 'tool'. There will always be slight fragmentation, but it doesn't effect performance.

ramdak5000 02-20-2005 12:27 AM

Thanks for the clarification. I think the filesystem is extF2 or some similar name.


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