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wastingtime 06-16-2011 09:39 AM

Cisco AnyConnect VPN high CPU (system) usage
My workplace has installed a Cisco VPN that uses a physical RSA token.

The client software is downloaded from the server, called AnyConnect. It's a combination of a java applet and a linux binary. The Java applet fails to work, however, the VPN web page provides a link to download

I first downloaded to my laptop. It is an install script in which a bunch of binaries are embedded. After the installation was done, I found out it installed an /etc/init.d/vpnagentd /opt/cisco/vpn/bin/vpnui, and brought along its own version of and The vpnui program is a gui front end for the VPN.

It works fine on the laptop.

I then repeated the process on my desktop. It also works there, except vpnagentd is using 100% of one of the two cores is spinning, about 16% in user mode and 84% in system.

Laptop: Linux Pentium Mobile 1.6GHz

Desktop:Linux Intel Core Duo P8600 2.40GHz

Anyone familiar with Cisco AnyConnect or with this problem?

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