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satishpatel 04-09-2004 06:00 AM

charset "UTF-8" not supported, using "ISO8859-1".
Hi !

I installed acrobat5 in my linux 8.0 when I try to start.It is showing message as "charset "UTF-8" not supported, using "ISO8859-1".How can I solve it

mrd 04-09-2004 06:01 AM

Mine does that also, and then core dumps. Does yours seem to work otherwise? I haven't been able to figure mine out.

Hammett 04-09-2004 06:11 AM

Mine says the same, but i can run it without any problems. Don't know how to solve it.... :(

IBall 04-09-2004 07:11 AM

As root, edit the acroread script:

Add the following lines just below #! /bin/sh


export LANG

I hope this solves your problem

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