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aldimeneira 08-24-2006 12:40 AM

Changing text colors in to custom html (hex)

I made a design in 2.0.2 Draw (2 pages), but I want to be able to change some of the default colors (10 are white!?) of the text to RGB/hexadecimal colors as used in html/css websites.

I even go as far as reading the xml but couldn't save the changes (!?). But that's the last resort. It should be possible to chose a custom color from a gradient or type the hex code.

żIs it possible? żOr should I've to make the design from scratch using another application?

Edit: I found a workaround:

1. Export to PNG
2. Open image with GIMP
2. Change the front color to a custom one
3. Make new layer with the front color
4. layer effect "multiply"
5. save

That's 5 more steps and an extra application to change the color of text. It will simply be avoided with a last "color" that opens a gradient and RGB input dialog.

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