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qwijibow 06-14-2004 06:24 AM

chaged / partiton from ext3 to XFS. cant boot. (recompile initrd ?)
I converted my root partiton from ext3 to XFS on fedora core 2.
im using a kernel i compiled myself which has support for XFS (compiled as a module)

however on bootup, when it comes to mounting the root partiton, i get the error, cannot find ext3 file system on root / .

ive been reading about the initrd part of the bootup process, aparently it is responcible for identifying the foor file system, and loading kernel modules / drivers in early boot sequence.

so it would seem i need to compile a new initrc that knows my root file system is XFS.

how would i go about doing this ?

i am running knoppix live cd at the moment, and have all the tools i need to compiling a kernel, however, how do i compile a kernel for a different OS. for example, when i make install and make_modules install, the kernel and modules will be installed to knoppix, and not fedora core 2.

also, i think it might detect my root file system as whatever knoppix is using, and not XFS.
can anyone help ?

or maybe i can download a kernel that boots of XFS and use that temporerily untill i can compile a kernel within Fedora Core 2.

i cannot chroot, as fedora core 2 does not have a compiler installed.

aint this a b1tch of a problem ? hehe

qwijibow 06-14-2004 07:34 AM

Freck it...... im giving up.
converting root back to ext3.

however im still interested in using an alternate File system for root.
according to recent benchmarks, XFS and JFS and resierfs are much faster.

any info on setting up my initrd (assuming i am correct in faulting this part of the boot process)
to boot from an alternate FS would be great.

my partiton table is currently like so.....
partiton1 ext3 mounted as /
partiton2 formated as swap.

(i dont use boot partitons)

oh and also, ive seen lots of posts regarding different file systems speed and reliability,
but nothing on fragmentation... or is over pragmentation just a trait of NTFS / FAT / WinFS

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