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mostlyharmless 02-01-2010 02:21 PM

cfs/cfsd and 7 byte pvect
This is an obscure one.

Years ago, I used a now obsolete program to encrypt files called cfs written by Matt Blaze. I ran it on kernel 2.0.35 (Slackware 3.5 I think) and mounted it using umsdos. Oi. Well, I got bored and was futzing around and managed to get Slackware 3.5 running under Vmware, ran the program, remembered the password from 10+ years ago after a week or two, and mounted the encrypted directory. Lo the file list, the names, ie. the directory was unencrypted, but the file contents were mush.

cfs (version 1.3.3) uses an initialization vector that points to a value, and the directory is mounted via nfs. The pointing vectors (their names start with "pvect") are all 7 characters. If I make a new file in the old directory and encrypt it now, its pvect is 8 characters, and it unencrypts normally. I can't figure out what could possibly be different causing the change in the pvect length and possibly causing the files to be mush, or why the names of the files should unencrypt but not their contents.

Any ideas would be welcome...

mostlyharmless 07-16-2016 09:12 AM

In case anyone has a similar problem (unlikely), while I'm not sure of the cause of the problem, I have found a solution. Tedious as it was, I added one digit to the end of the 7 digit pvects. Took at most 10 tries, average of 5, on each file, doing them in groups made it even more efficient.

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