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Perdido 09-09-2003 01:59 AM

CD-RW backups
Hi all,

I need to make an initial backup of a 350 MB directory (with all the subdirectories) and an incremental backup of this directory each day.

I would like to use my CD-RW drive to make those backups but I don't know if this is the best solution (I know there are other ones that are better like external HDs or ZIP units but they are very expensive) and I would like to know if there is any application (GUI if posible) to do it.

Could you help me?

Thank you.

Xing 09-09-2003 04:27 AM

CD backup is by far the easiest and the cheapest of all types.
u can use CD roast to write on the CD's.. though the procedure is a bit clumsy (not as easy as NERO on win) but this is the best writing software on linux.

just go to system tools ----> CD writer and it will pop up.

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