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martvefun 12-30-2011 01:32 PM

CardDAV synchronisation solution

I'd like to synchronise the contacts on my WebDAV server (here ownCloud but it should work with any CardDAV server) with my thunderbird address book.
After some hours of research, it seems there is NO vCard synchronisation extension out there working with recent version of Thunderbird (tried SOGo, ThunderbirdSync, Contacts, all outdated).

The only hope I have so far is with MoreFunctionsForAddressBook which handle well the vCard format. The idea is them : export the contacts in vCard and then synchronise the local file with my remote server. Doing that could also allow me to synchronise other source.

The problem is I'm not able to find a good library to handle CardDAV.
The only thing I've found is libcarddav from the trinity project but the documentation is not very clear and I'm not even sure it does what I'm looking for.

I try to have a contact synchronisation solution using as much as possible standard and open source solutions but it seems there is very little implemented with CardDAV (on the other hand CalDAV seems more popular). Is there a better standard out there ?
Do you know a software doing what I'm looking for or is it too exotic ?

Thank you

kiwibird 06-06-2012 05:09 AM

still looking?
Or did you find a solution? I've got CardDAV with owncloud, but just browsing them on the web gets rather pointless.

There's a bunch of CardDAV/CalDAV _servers_, e.g. Davical which is a huge Apache/SQL thing. But there's also an interesting little CalDAV/CardDAV sync server meant for running on your laptop, called Calypso, which seems promising:
I believe you can just dump some vcard files into a directory, do git commit (yes, it uses git for updating the calendar!), and then run some client on your Android to sync. That at least lets you go from vcard to CardDAV trying it now.

martvefun 06-07-2012 02:04 AM

No still no solution, I keep backing up my contacts with Google Contacts...
The problem is not really the server but the extension for Thunderbird (even if maybe using git could be a solution, we ask Thunderbird just to handle vCard, we take of the synchronisation, but still no solution...)

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