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julianvb 05-04-2014 02:20 PM

Capturing display screen in Ubuntu 12.04 based on MacBook Pro laptop
I would like to capture the screen in Ubuntu 12.04 based on a MacBook Pro laptop, which does not feature a screenprint key. Any help will be much appreciated.


Ygrex 05-04-2014 07:53 PM

1) what is Linux 12.04?
2) generally it depends on a window system you use, but try scrot or anything… anyway maybe this would be helpful:

rokytnji 05-04-2014 07:54 PM



in terminal and see what happens.


allend 05-04-2014 08:10 PM

If you have ImageMagick installed, then this command will do a full screen capture after a 5 second delay

sleep 5; import -window root ~/Desktop/snapshot.png
and this command will capture a single window selected with a mouse click

import -window $(xwininfo | awk '/Window id/{printf "%d", $4}') ~/Desktop/wsnapshot.png

julianvb 05-05-2014 01:05 AM

Answer to Post #2:

Sorry. I meant Ubuntu 12.04 instead of Linux 12.04.


julianvb 05-05-2014 03:58 AM

Hi, Ygrex, rockytnji and Allend,

I am happy to report that tonight I somehow re-discovered a very user-friendly screen-capturing program in Ubuntu 12.04 via Dash Home > Recent Apps > Screenshot. I works very well in capturing a screen or window. This seems to be the only way I can invoke it in my MacBook Pro-based Ubuntu 12.04 system. I think it is a GUI-only program since it cannot be called from the command line.

Thanks very much for your help.


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