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rbees 12-01-2013 04:17 PM

Can't send files via bluetooth
Ladies & Gents

I am having issues with my bluetooth. I can send files to my laptop from both my phone and my tablet. But I am not able to send files to either the tablet or phone from the laptop.

The devices are paired and set to accept connections from trusted devices, and all works fine in one direction but not the other.

The system is Debian Jessie (testing fully updated). GUI is KDE. All applets and libs are installed plus some extras that I thought may be needed. But no joy.

The applets appear to work correctly in that I can select files for either the phone or tablet but when I click send nothing happens. Not even a "transfer failed" info message.

The Debian Bluetooth Wiki has not been any help.
There are some files that it says to use but they are not installed on my system. But I am not sure the wiki fully applies to Jessie yet.

Any thoughts?


rbees 12-01-2013 04:49 PM

The issues seam to be related to this bug
I downgraded obexd-client and not I can send files as I should be able to.

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