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tulipsonmars 07-26-2006 11:06 AM

can't see sox files in /usr/bin
first post, hello to all. this will be an easy one for you i'm sure.

i installed sox on my server to the real path /usr/bin
and i can see the sox files in there, but i can't see the files when looking at /usr/bin via any of my virtual sites.

i.e. i have a php script for another application that is expecting to find the path to sox as /usr/bin/sox

i thought that by installing to the real path /usr/bin then when i logged into any of my virtual sites i would be looking at the same location, a bit like the way a shortcut works. this is the first time i have installed software on my server, i have obviously missed something out, can somebody help me out please and thank you?

i did try the tech support guys at my hosting service but seemed very reluctant to help me since it is "third party software", blah blah blah

thanks again for your help.


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