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SonoranFun 02-13-2006 09:50 PM

Can't raise volume in Alsamixer?
Okay, I've spent an hour searching this. I've run alsaconf and everything is running just fine, then I go into alsamixer and try to raise the master volume and it won't do anything. The up arrow key will raise it on everything but "master".. So I don't know at this point what I need to do to raise it? Is this a permissions issues? I chmod 666 on both /dev/snd and etc/modutils/sound and that did nothing.

I'm running this on Debian with 2.4.27-2-386

Please help!

SonoranFun 02-14-2006 01:46 AM

Dang, come on somebody has to be able to help me here. This is the second time I've posted this the last time being 9 months ago. I've dealt with no sound for far too long.. I see this has been asked many times on the net with no real answer anyplace.. Somebody please help........

geeman2.0 02-14-2006 10:37 AM

Have you checked whether the master channel is muted or not?
If it's muted there will be a double M at the bottom of the channel in alsamixer.
Unmute it with the 'm' key on your keyboard, then raise volume appropriately.

If it's not muted and you still can't raise it, then you have a driver problem somewhere.

SonoranFun 02-15-2006 04:03 PM

Yeah, it isn't muted... I dealt with this months ago and just gave up. It is not muted and the up arrow key just doesn't work for master...

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