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DJStarx 01-02-2004 09:48 PM

Can't get the required packages to work....
I'm trying to install nicotine, a slsk client. I don't know how to install from the source so I googled it and found an rpm. After trying to install it I was told by package manager that I needed:

python-wxPython >= 2.4.0
python-pygtk-gtk >= 2.0.0

So I installed these rpms:


I got them from and installed them with the rpm -ivh command as root, everything installed fine. But when I go back to try and install nicotine I get the same message about needing the same stuff. Did I install them wrong, are they the wrong packages??


Mugatu 01-02-2004 10:11 PM

you installed .src.rpm files, which installs the source for these packages to your computer, but not the packages themselves. you need to download the i386/i586/i686.rpm files (whichever is more applicable) if i am not mistaken.

DJStarx 01-02-2004 10:51 PM


Do you know of any other good sites to get rpms? and only had the .src.rpm files. If the source is installed now, is there an easy way to compile it? I don't even know where it would've installed to.

Mugatu 01-02-2004 11:19 PM

i'll try to help as much as possible, although i haven't used red hat in a while (i had too many problems, and since it's not supported any more i figured i'd just quit using it altogether). assuming you're using redhat 8x (since your numpy pkg says rh8.0), try these:

and i think this will work if you already have version 2.3 of wxPython installed:

but if you have 2.2 or 2.1, you will have to use one of these (respectively):

i'm not sure about pygtk; i didn't really find any rpms that were version 2 except this one:

which wasn't explicitly for redhat 8 (the link says redhat other), and i'm not sure if the fact that it's a devel pkg will throw it off. if i were you, i would recommend trying apt-get--a lot of redhat users like it a lot--or installing from source, which is actually easier than it sounds. good luck.

DJStarx 01-03-2004 12:14 PM

Thanx for the links, how does one install from the source??

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