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versaulis 10-19-2003 04:15 PM

can't get my usb tv tuner to work (ATI TV Wonder)
How do I tell programs to use my usb tv tuner? I have an ATI TV Wonder. When I go into the hardware browser, it's under system devices twice. There is also my sound blaster card and three "USB UHCI Root Hub." I only have 2 USB ports, but I could imagine that the computer would list the two ports and a controller for them. Under USB devices it just says USB three times.

I've been taking a look at some of these programs for watching TV like XawTV and MythTV. They won't start for me, but it seems that I just need to configure them correctly to point to the tv card. I was looking for some quick advice on maybe how to do that since a movie is coming on later that I want to record.

One more thing... do I need BTTV? I tried to compile the kernel, but it tells me that it doesn't support the ext3 file system when I do it... even though all I use is ext3 and it DOES boots to the desktop. I just don't understand the kernel compileing thing yet. I even did a make oldconfig so it would be just like the other kernels.

Red Hat Linux 9 fully updated by up2date and apt-get dist-upgrade

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