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rrose42 02-04-2002 12:39 AM

Can't find CD images directory
During an Linux 7.2 installation I'm presented with a screen that says:

"What partition and directory holds the Cd images for RedHat Linux"

The partition is "/dev/hde1" for my first harddrive but the directories that I have ".img" files in are:


But neither seems to be acceptable to the install program, what next:confused:

Thanks Unix Guru

DavidPhillips 02-04-2002 04:59 AM

try this


It is ususlly looking for RedHat

acid_kewpie 02-04-2002 06:14 AM

your first hard drive is hde???

i'd presume it's looking for .iso files and not .img files if you've booted from disk to install from hard disk.

DavidPhillips 02-04-2002 07:01 AM

It does seem like a strange way to install it.

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