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corkypa 10-18-2005 12:13 PM

Can't delete file on NFS share in Nautilus
I'm using Nautilus 2.8.2 on a fresh install of Debian 3.1. I have an NFS mount, but when I browse to it, I can't delete a file just by hitting the delete key. The problem is that the only option is "Move file to Trash", but being on a network volume, Nautilus is smart enough not to copy it over the network to the local trash. Instead it does nothing, not even so much as a warning. Same if I try to drag it to the trash.

If I go into the preferences and enable the "Bypass trash" option, then a context menu provides a "Delete" entry that works fine. However, my naive users don't really use context menus.

What I would like is for Nautilus to say, "I can't move this to the trash. Should I delete it permanently?", or something like that and give the users an option rather than just mutely doing nothing. Is there something I can do to enable such behavior?

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