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WindowsBurner 11-11-2003 12:32 PM

Cant change size of pencil in Gimp
How do you change the pencil size in gimp?
I need to draw a really small dot on the screen and the pencil is set way to big.


salparadise 11-11-2003 12:37 PM

Click on

WindowsBurner 11-11-2003 12:40 PM

I am new to Gimp so please excuse me for asking simple questions.

How do you draw straight lines?Is there a tool that does this?


salparadise 11-11-2003 12:52 PM

i'm not 100% sure there is a way to do that

i havent really explaored gimp that much
just the filters and the text tool

WindowsBurner 11-11-2003 12:55 PM

Thanks anyway :)
Just what you told me about the brush size helped a lot :)



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