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soujrnr 10-03-2004 09:52 PM

Can't cancel a print job........
Hi all,

I just installed a new HP 932C printer and when I tried printing a document, it started printing a bunch of hyroglithics and it's printing out a million pages of jibberish. I've cancelled all documents in the que but can't find out where this particular job is and can't kill it so that I can get on with my normal printing. The reason, I believe, that it started printing all this crap out is because my system had a different printer set as default and the coding is FUBAR or something for this new 932C.

Does anyone know where I can look to find this job and cancel it? This frickin' thing is eating up all of my cartridge ink.

When I type 'lpq' at the command prompt, it tells me that my printer is ready and there are no entries and yet it's printing this incredible long post-script trash. I can't figure out how to kill it. Shutting power down for a day doesn't help. It's like the computer has kept this particular job in it's memory in spite of me shutting the computer and printer down for a day. I'd really appreciate some help.

Thanks and have a great week!


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