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escort_f 01-15-2002 03:02 AM

can't boot redhat7.2 under System Commander
when installing the redhat7.2, i installed the LILO . in my computer, there are two OS, ( window ME and redhat7.2).
since there was some problem with the LILO ( after I entered into the redhat7.2, the next time i enter Window ME, the start up
process stopped, to enter Window Me again, i have to restart the
computer, and then Window Me reminds me that I need to enter into the safe mode Option) . so I resorted to System Commander,
the software recognizes the Redhat partition and have redhat as a choice of OSes which are available, but when I choose redhat, System Commander says that it's a defective partition or no OS is installed in it. //sigh. it is because of the LILO i installed before? since i can't enter into the redhat now, i don't know where i put the LILO, MSR or the boot partition. how to solve the problem? i don't want to reinstall redhat, since i have already installed some applications under the redhat partition.

trickykid 01-15-2002 08:17 AM

the first and only question i will ask, did you create a rescue floppy? if you did, you should be able to boot using that and fix it from there.. if not, you could try going into rescue mode booting off the redhat cd... let us know..

escort_f 01-16-2002 03:23 AM

fortunately,i have made a boot disk when having redhat installed. i have solved the redhat start problem by reinstall the LiLO in the redhat partition, ( by checking /etc/lilo.conf, i found that i installed the LILO in the MSR before). but window Me still stop at the starting process if i use shutdown -r now in redhat to switch to Window me, ( use shutdown -h now , and then enter Window Me, will not cause any problem). i think maybe the problem is not system-commander related, but Window Me related, since system-commander has started Window Me starting process.

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