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Xyem 08-06-2006 10:35 AM

Cannot find Tcl dll ( Perl's Tcl bridge )
Greetings all,

I am having a small issue with installing ( and using ) the Tcl bridge for Perl with my Fedora Core 5 installation. I downloaded and installed both ActivePerl & ActiveTcl with no problems at all. Then I downloaded the Tcl & Tcl::Tk modules ( zipped ) and installed them through PPM locally ( off the drive, because my laptop cannot be networked or connected to internet ). All went well so far.

When I come to use the Tcl ( or Tcl::Tk ) module in Perl I get the following error.


NpLoadLibrary: could not find Tcl dll
As far as I am aware, DLL's are used only in Windows and everything I have installed is for Linux so I cannot fathom why a DLL is attempting to be loaded. The ~/ActiveTcl/bin directory is in my path, as per the installers instructions..

In Windows installing these were a breeze so I expect the solution to this to be quite simple yet my internet searches ( on Google ) have revealed nothing. Do I somehow need to include the ~/AvtiveTcl/lib somewhere ( such as PATH ) ?

Any solutions or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

timmeke 08-07-2006 06:50 AM

You may be missing some dynamical library. Linux has those too, they just don't have the .dll filename extension.

Did you need to make some changes to your $LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or other environment variables)? If you did, can you please post the changes you made?

Xyem 08-08-2006 09:45 AM

I only made one change which was to my PATH as per ActiveTcl's instructions ( at the end of the installer ). Which was simply adding ~/ActiveTcl/bin ( it was the actual full path though ). Which I verified with


echo $PATH
I did see something regarding LD_LIBRARY_PATH whilst doing some searches on Google but when I print out my environment variables, it is not there and ( as far as I understand ) is deprecated/shouldn't be used..

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