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jdruin 10-21-2003 08:17 PM

Can UP2DATE be uninstalled? How exactly???
Is it possible to uninstall Up2Date from Redhat 8 and 9? I do not want to damage the RH box.

martinman 10-21-2003 08:33 PM

sure, its just an rpm unless you upgraded from source (bad idea for RH central things like up2date)

afaik, you can just use the rpm -e command

jdruin 10-21-2003 08:56 PM

Thanks martinman. Also, I found this article after posting the question. I hate it when I do that:

martinman 10-21-2003 09:54 PM

yeah, i hate that too

any specific reasons for uninstalling up2date? deciding to go with apt-get (like I) as a replacement?

jdruin 10-22-2003 08:10 AM

I was going to give apt a try after reading about it in Linux Magazine this month. So far I have not had much success installing apt. I installed the wrong rpm but then did:

su root
rpm -e apt4rpm-0.65.2-0

and the machine just hangs up. It ran all night without finishing or returning from the command. I am not sure why that rom will not uninstall. I have the correct rpm ready to install if I can get the current one out.

Is there a way to manually remove an RPM?

martinman 10-22-2003 07:29 PM

... not unless you know exactly where all the files were put and what was manipulated where and blah blah blah.

this happens a LOT with the current version of RPM, its quite a pain in the arse, eh?

the most common fix is to just clear the RPM cache/buffer thingie of certain files. save this command somewhere important:

rm -rf /var/lib/rpm/__*

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