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Zssfssz 04-07-2012 01:50 PM

Can TCC/Clang Compile GCC?
I'm pullen together a cd that has a prebuilt compiler and all the sources needed to get a full copy of GCC up and running along with an automated script.

Can I put clang on a cd and make it portable (as in location)?
Does clang have an Ada front end?
Can clang make working GCC binaries? (llvm cant)
Can TCC (tiny c compiler) make working GCC binaries?
Can I pair TCC/Clang up with gnat to have a Ada front end(if clang doesn't have one)?
Any other funky compiler that can interface with gnat to make an Ada front-end and compile GCC? SDCC?
Reason for not shipping GCC as the comper? That just seems so cleshé.

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