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tisource 03-25-2005 10:29 PM

Can regular PPD files be used with CUPS?
I don't know alot about CUPS, so pardon me if this is a question with an obvious answer.

Lets say I have a standard linux box running a standard CUPS configuration. Lets also say I have a few laser postscript printers (particularly Xante Accel-a-writer 3G and a Xerox Phaser (a recent model, unsure)). I can print from this standard linux box to these printers using a generic postscript driver via CUPS. However, I don't get the full functionality out of these printers... I can't specify page size from the app's print dialog, and I can't specify DPI.

I do have, however, PPDs for these printers on my Windows workstations.

Is it possible to use the PPDs from Windows on the linux box, to get additional printing functionality thru CUPS?

This box has varied in OSs, from Mandrake 10.x to SuSE 9.x (if that matters) ...


madluther 03-26-2005 06:00 PM

A general rule is a PPD file supplied with a WINNT/WIN2K postscript printer driver will work just fine with CUPS. cupstestppd is a CUPS utility that can be used to test PPD's for compliance. At work for instance, we use a Win2k PPD supplied with our Xerox M55 Work Center printers with CUPS. This PPD allows us to use features as stapling, duplexing, watermarking and collating etc.

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