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SquishyMarbles 04-14-2006 04:08 AM

Can I use Gnome under Xen Guest OS?
Does anyone know how to start up Gnome under a Xen guest OS?

I'm using Fedora Core 5, trying to get virtual install of FC5 up and running. Not everthing works very well when I do this.

edit: I wanted to edit this old message to say that somehow, my networking is magically working under Xen this time around. I had the idea of starting up a vncserver a couple months ago, but I had no network capabilities, so it was a moot point. I think some FC5 updates may have fixed this, and since the time of this first message, I have started to consider Fedora Core 5 to be my all time favorite OS. =)

SquishyMarbles 09-07-2006 08:50 PM

Bump. Months later, I finally found the answer to this, but I'm curious to know if anybody knows of a different method. Basically, on my FC5 Xen Guest OS, I have to start up a vncserver, and VNC into my Guest OS. The problem with this is that whatever standard scripts for X there are, they do not place the windows in their default positions. Thus, I get a "top bar," a "desktop," a "bottom bar" (which is terribly deformed), and whenever I open up a program I have to click to place the window. So basically X is only slightly useful under my Xen guest OS. Anyway, here's my method, and again, I really want to hear if somebody has a better way.

---------copied from:

DomUs or non zero domains do not have access to graphics devices, since unlike the disks and network devices which are virtualised, only Dom0 has direct access to display hardware.
As such an X-Server can only be run in domain 0.
However Programs like Virtual Network Computing(VNC) can solve this problem.
So follow the following steps:
Step 1 : Download Real Vnc from, if vncserver,vncpasswd,vncviewer,vncconfig are not installed in dom0 and domU.

DomUs Dom0

Set a passwd
Start the vncserver
vncserver &
step 4:
Make a note of the display no.
that vncserver is using

e.g LinuxGuestOS:1 step:5 Start the vncviewer

vncviewer LinuxGuestOS:1

step:6 Enter the passwd

Once the window manager is displayed an X-terminal will be provided.
It can be invoked by in domU

cd /etc/X11/xinit

Thanks and Regards
Amit Kumar

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