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jon_k 06-04-2005 05:40 AM

Can I run wine remotely via ssh?
I need to be able to run a command-line Windows application through wine from a dedicated server accross the US. I have server software that must be run on a command-line in windows.

It works fine at home on wine, but over the net wine through SSH is complicated. Couldn't I make wine just pipe output from the win32 console app to the std output?

I've seen a website ( that you just type wine -console ncurses+xterm <application> but that doesn't work for me (ERROR: wine: cannot find '-console')

I've been co-locating both a debian and a win2k server. I'd like to save money by not having to continue to pay for a win2k server to take up space.

Any ideas?

jon_k 06-04-2005 05:57 AM

Perhaps I should have looked more before posting.

The answer is the "wineconsole" program. Seemingly they took it out as an arguement to "wine" and made it a seperate program.


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