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RandomTroll 04-30-2015 02:04 PM

Can I reconcile UTF-8 with ISO-8859-15?
I have lots of documents in ISO-8859-15. When I use UTF-8 the high-bit characters are displayed as unknown (reverse-illumination question marks). Is there a way to get UTF-8 to display them correctly?

smallpond 04-30-2015 02:20 PM

ISO-8859-15 and UTF-8 are different character encodingss. Any given file will only be one or the other, not both. You can convert between them using iconv.

RandomTroll 05-02-2015 09:38 PM

At some point the Linux kernel started making the default character encoding UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859. I have hundreds of thousands of documents with high-bit-set ISO-8859 characters. Naive users of the VT default encoding display them as unknown characters. I added 'vt.default_utf8=0' as an argument to the kernel to turn this off.

It appears that UTF-8 displays these characters as unknown. I would like to import ISO-8859 for the characters 80-FF. I hoped to find a character set in /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts but didn't. If I composed my own (I would have to figure this out.) could I make this happen?

DavidMcCann 05-03-2015 12:00 PM

I think there comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and convert files from obsolete encodings. If they're plain text, then you can batch-process them with iconv. When I adopted Linux, I had hundreds of files that had to be manually converted, as my encoding wasn't recognised!

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