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jon_k 04-18-2004 02:30 PM

Can i get help setting up an ftp server?
Hello, I have an ftp server I'm setting up.

What I'd like to use is vsftpd, but, if anyone here can accomplish this desired result with another type ftp server, I'll be willing to switch.

What I want to do is have people connect to the ftp server with username superserv and the password to that account.

Then, they'll see two directorys


Downloads will be where files will be located, I want people to be able to see the directory contents and download, but not be able to upload or delete or anything else. (One thing to mention is, I could do this with directory permissions, but I'll be adding files regularly to this folder, so won't I have to change the permissions for the new added folder every time I put a file in it?)

Upload -- will be where people can contribute files, I want this to allow people to see the directory contents, download whats in there if they wish, but also be able to upload something. -- I do NOT want delete to be possible though.

Is this a simple enough task? Can someone help me with detailed instructions?

I'd prefer this to work with vsftpd but if it'll work with another ftp server better or easier, I'll switch.

Thank you.

mcleodnine 04-18-2004 02:46 PM

Have a look here

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