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lcornea 05-10-2006 01:13 AM

can fedora core 4 be upgraded to fedora core 5 without a full reinstall
i have fedora core 4 installed, and a lot of stuff i don't want to reinstall(or not sure i could reinstall) and settings that could become really hard to remake. I'm kind of new to linux and all the settings i have made where by using a lot of tutorials or help given to me on this forum. some of them i don't remeber making.
So practically i like my system the way it is but i would like an upgrade to FC5 without losing all the things i have already installed or set up.
My question is if this can be done and how.

nadroj 05-10-2006 01:43 AM

you can probably change your repositories for your package manager to search for FC5 software, rather than FC4, as it is set up now. read this page, specifically 2.2 and 7.*.

use YUM to view your current repositories... somewhere in the link(s) that it shows, it will have a '4' representing FC4.. most likely all youll have to do is change that to a '5' wherever you see '4'. save the respositories, update package list, and upgrade system. (note this is my assumption, i dont use yum or FC so im not guaranteeing anything)

heres what a quick search brought up: if that doesnt work or you dont want to try that, search somewhere else for upgrading fc4 to fc5.. good luck! :)

GL1800 05-10-2006 07:58 AM

I did this with near total success by using the CD's. There's an "upgrade" option, and I did that, had only a tiny amount of stuff I had to manually fix. Your results may be very different, depending on what software you have, and so on....
Good Luck!

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